Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kayak Point

I think Kayak Point is one of the most picturesque areas I can imagine.  It's just down the road from the mud flats of Warm Beach.  The water is often very calm and clear, and if it's not a sunny day, the park is usually pleasantly empty.  It's a Snohomish County Park, so there is a $7 or $8 fee to enter.  It really pays to buy an annual county parks pass if you go often to any parks around here.  We used our Christmas money from my grandpa to buy both state and county passes.  It's been a great help!

We went to Kayak point with my parents when they were first in town and had the park nearly to ourselves.  The kids played on the extensive playground, walked the empty dock, then combed the empty beach.  It was a beautiful afternoon.

Levi needed a picture of himself at the top of this thing.


Grandma joined in the fun!

the water was so clear!

Throwing rocks!

tide lines


  1. Colorful and happy photos of pure joy! I'm glad you carry your camera to capture life.

  2. I think I forget how cool it is because i always think of how many people are there in the summer time. Now I want to go though!!!


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