Sunday, March 25, 2012

Now we are six

Saraiah and her great grandma Margaret.  Pictures of great grandma as a little girl look quite a lot like Saraiah.

Six years ago, Saraiah Jean was born.   Her birthday is this Wednesday, so we celebrated with the family today.  Brandon named her, and I came up with the way to spell her name, so that it would have a meaning.  Sarai in the Bible, is the name of Abraham's wife Sarah before she has her son Isaac.  It means "my princess."  That's just what Saraiah is to most everyone around her.  Her round sparkly eyes match the sparkly shoes, clothes and smile she wears.  Her middle name is the name of my grandma Jean, and I think Saraiah fits the name well.  She's gregarious and loving, just like my grandma was.

Saraiah has been a blessing to me since the day she was born.  I prayed hard for her throughout my pregnancy, having miscarried a child just before.  Her birth was beautiful and all the family were there waiting for her.  My brother Danny came home from his honeymoon with his new wife Emma just in time to carry her over the threshold and allow her to zoom off to help me through my labor with Saraiah.  The only thing that went a little awry was that she was born purple!  She had sustained a bruise over her entire face from being born with the cord around her neck!  That bruise didn't stop everyone from falling in love with her immediately, my brothers coining a song with the words, "ours turned out purple!"

Saraiah is a bright rainbow of color in her demeanor and dress.  She is stubborn and a thinker, a gift giver and an artist.  She adores many people, being sure to let them know how she feels.  She notices things, like a worm wiggling helplessly on snow, or the way the light shines through the clouds, or the first daffodil blooming in spring.  Then she helps the worm, tells you to take a picture of the light, and picks you the daffodil.  Saraiah Jean, you are still our little queen!

A glittery purse with hearts all over.  Totally her style!

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