Monday, March 26, 2012

Snowflakes and Dandelions

These were the first dandelions Maia gave me this spring
This has probably been the funniest transition from winter to spring that I've ever experienced in the Northwest.  March came in with snow that stuck and endless rain and clouds.  The rain part is pretty normal for March, so is hail, and maybe the occasional light dusting of snow, but four times of snow?  Maybe it's because my parents were in town from Hawaii, and rather missed seeing the snow they knew so well as kids growing up in Indiana.  By the end of their time here, we were switching to sandals, forgetting coats and picking dandelions.  If nothing can surprise a person in the Northwest, the weather certainly can come close!

This is Maia and my niece on a walk with me and grandma just a few days ago.  Our neighbor was super nice and filled our mammoth potholes.  The cones made our road seem like some sort of driver's training course. 
The girls love their grandma!

Contemplating the dandelions
Blast to the beginning of the month...SNOW!  My dad was here for the entire month of March.  It snowed 4 times while he was here!  
Last year's ferns


alder catkins
Levi and Saraiah
poor confused wormie.  Saraiah dug down to the dirt for him.

These looked like galls maybe on the willows.
My dad was just like a kid in this snow.  All you have to do is take a Hawaiian straight out of Hawaii, plop them in dreary Washington, then make it snow on one of their first days in town!
the last of last summer's blackberries

daffodils not quite open!

Uh oh, I better watch out!

walking to grandpa's

The traditional snack at grandma and grandpa's
I love this picture of my dad...appreciating the winter beauty.


  1. Your pictures are beautiful. The snow looks cold and makes me thankful that it's springtime!

  2. Wow, I almost forgot how much it snowed! Love the pictures and the contrast between Hawaii and Washington.


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