Friday, March 30, 2012

Sourdough Resilience

The latest batch rising in spite of my various neglectful actions!
I think sourdough starter is a little more hardy than I originally thought it should be.  It has survived my distracted attention as I am feeding it or neglecting to feed it, and has faithfully bubbled whenever I got around to giving it the correct hydration according to the Northwest Sourdough basic white bread recipe.

I think sourdough is a kind of bread I could become good friends with.  It likes to rise slowly, overnight or throughout the course of the day, meaning I can forget it to a certain extent and won't get a loaf that looks like a deflated balloon.  Its starter waits patiently in the refrigerator until I remember I would love to make some more, then bursts to life when fed.  It makes bread, but when I make silly mistakes, like putting extra water into my dough instead of my starter, it also makes pizza dough.  With this fourth batch of bread,  I thought I could have killed the starter because I had added extra water to my dough, thus having to make the pizza dough, and thought maybe I had added too much to the starter too!  But survived and made me some happy little breads.

Today I had a friend over who I really missed seeing, but because I can't manage sit for more than 15 minutes, I decided to start the sourdough process while we were visiting.  I thought I was following the recipe for feeding the starter, and pretty soon realized I was making a loaf of bread.  Then, for some reason, i used ALL of my starter in my dough.  So I sheepishly pulled some dough out of the mix, mixed in some water, let it sit, then added some flour so it was back to the starter consistency, and it began to bubble!  Note to self: please make bread after visiting hours.  I'm looking forward to seeing if the sourdough saga will continue, or if this will be the last chapter.  I'm hoping it will be the story of the victorious underdog, prevailing in spite of insurmountable odds.  But if it's not, I am pretty sure my friend will give me some new starter.

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  1. This sourdough looks amazing!!! Can you teach me??? I want to make organic flour without GMO sour dough!!!!


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