Tuesday, April 3, 2012

4H Science and Knowledge Fair

4H cupcakes made by an expert cake decorating 4H club member!  They were part of our bake sale.
Last month our 4H club held a science and knowledge fair in the old building of our local farmers co-op supply store.  My kids had worked for weeks on their projects and were anxious to share them and be done with all the work.  I think they were very pleased with the reception their projects got, and I know they really got to know their animals much better.

Saraiah shares her project with our 4H leader
Saraiah used her own handwriting on her board.  We thought it would be the best way for her to participate.   It took quite a while, but she enjoyed it.  The best part was drawing the decorations everywhere, we think.

Eva studied alpaca conformation.  She will use this display in the fairs this summer, possibly judging the conformation of her own alpacas.

Levi did a fecal float on some goat poop from our animals.

Isaac found six plants on our property that were poisonous to his alpaca, then told how they are poisonous. 

The kids worked on needle felting while some adults spun on spinning wheels.

Eva's friend did a wonderful project on medicinal herbs for goats

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  1. Beautiful displays!!! I love how each one reflected their personality AND great information! It takes a special parent(s) to raise children that can make something "scientific" and still make it artful and personal.


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