Saturday, April 28, 2012

Carrie's Family

I've known Carrie for many of my years of homeschooling.  She is a calm and caring mom with amazing skills for getting many kids beautiful for pictures.  Her family is lovely and I think their photo shoot was one of the most relaxed and fun I've ever done.

before the shoot...enjoying the spring dandelions

he was letting me test my camera on him
girls being girls
the awesomeness of having a brother

I told them to get goofy!
YMCA action

jumping shots

A sweet little boy with a sparkle in his eye

The beautiful baby of the family

To me, she looks just like a modern Shirley Temple.  We got her to smile and she lit up the forest.

This little sweetie didn't want to smile a real smile until she started telling  us about her very best friend.

Thinking about her best friend

She brought along her My Little Pony toys.

Wonderful smile

My Isaac is friends with this guy.  He has gotten so tall, I had to keep trying to find higher ground to stand on for taking his picture.

Eldest sister...she's grown into a lovely young lady.

Eldest brother, all dapper in his formal jacket.

Contemplating the woods

mom and dad caught smooching!

It makes my heart happy to see the love between these two.

And I had to sneak in some more pictures of this little sweetie pie after the shoot was done...


  1. Wow, I love these!!! You caught absolute Love and Joy!!!!

  2. So much fun. I love the goofy shots and jumping shots!


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