Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dew in the Morning

Last Saturday, after being up all night with our new doeling, I walked out to the barn at daybreak to check on her brother and mama.  She had made it through the night, and the morning dew looked especially beautiful that day after the hard work and worry.  Today, her little brother has a limp that we can't explain.  I love the beautiful things that take our minds off of concerns, distracting us as we go about doing the best we can, trusting God with the rest. 

 maia reaching out to touch the mint...
scented geranium

lupine has a little visitor


  1. Hello I just read your comment on Emily's blog and thought I would drop in for a visit. Your photos are awesome. I think it was a good choice to pay extra for more photo room your photos would be missed I am sure.
    I like the advice you gave Emily she would truly be missed. Thank you. B


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