Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Family Wedding

A ring bearer
Recently, my husband's cousin Curtis was married to his fiancee Tabitha.  We have known Tabby for a long time, and are so excited to get to have her as a part of our extended family.  Curtis is my friend Josie's brother, so most of the pictures are of her kids, who were flower people and ring bearers.  My friend,  Kim Loomis was the photographer, but I couldn't help sneaking some pictures too.

Waiting for Tabitha

Coming down the aisle
husband and wife!

Flower girl
Flower boy

Enjoying the important things in life.  Like party food.
The petals were black and white!

The girl with the pink skirt caught the bouquet

watch for the garter...
And the one who caught it is engaged to be married in May!

Instead of sending off the bride and groom in bubbles, everyone joined in on the bubble play and hung out with the bride and groom too.

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  1. I think my favorite part of the wedding was that they stayed and we all enjoyed the bubbles!!!!! So beautiful!


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