Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Grandma's Magnolia

This tree is what welcomed me to the Pacific Northwest during our first spring here.  We had moved here from Hawaii in February during one of the coldest winters there had been in a long time.  Brandon's Grandma Vi opened her home to us, and we stayed there until we were able to find a home of our own.  She planted this tree around 50 years ago, when her husband, Grandpa Chuck, gave it to her for mother's day.  I remember that is was in the shade of Grandma Vi's yard that I became addicted to taking pictures of my kids with tulips.  Every year I think I should come and take pictures of it, but I don't.  We were invited to celebrate Grandpa Chuck's 91st birthday this evening, and afterwards, Josie was taking pictures of the tree.  I had to run to find my camera, making the family wait while I took my long awaited pictures.

spring bouquet


  1. That's a very pretty tree with very interesting blooms. Beautiful pictures!

  2. There's one in the middle that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. I love them all, but it's my favorite.


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