Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!


On Easter, I always think I should take adorable and amazing pictures of the beauty of springtime and all those reminders of the redemption that Christ's resurrection brings.  Instead, I usually end up enjoying the day and the cuteness of the kids rushing around searching for eggs, then go home.  So these are the few glimpses I managed to grab of the day.

Sun on Easter!  Wow!

kids, not happy with me taking a quick picture before church

 Maia was very distressed at the height of the location of her bag of easter eggs she was to find.

Eating the candy during church.  Nothing like an Easter morning candy breakfast.  Oh...hey, I think that's actually a strawberry.

Brandon checking his phone during church

sweet girls on the way home from church

Egg dyeing with cousins the day before

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