Thursday, April 5, 2012

Iverson Beach in Springtime

My friend Josie and I have been determined to get our children to a beach of some kind for the past 3 weeks or so.  Finally, the weather began to cooperate, which means it was not dumping buckets of rain and hail and swirling it all around with chaotic winds.  We got into Stanwood, then decided we needed to pray for the weather over Iverson beach because a humongous black cloud was looming ominously over the precise section of Camano Island it inhabits.

We had driven all this way, and I really didn't want to have my children, freshly on the mend from deep painful coughs, to be soaked.  God thought that was a splendid idea, I think!  As we were driving onto the island, just to the intersection that meets up with the road to Iverson beach, the sky dropped a steady stream of rain.  Saraiah said, "Hey mom, God's clearing away the rain to answer your prayer!"  I looked at the rain and wondered.  But once we were to Iverson beach, big puffy mile high white clouds were piling up and parting to reveal a blue sea of sky.  What a sweet moment of affirmation of faith that was.

The most rain we felt while there were random drops falling very sparsely, so much so that you had to wonder if it might be someone spitting or a bird flying over, dropping a gift from the heavens.  I was so thankful to have a window of decent weather in spring time and we got a good laugh out of the strange mix of clothing choices our kids made.  Some thought it was warm enough for bathing suits, others wore their pants and shirts and waded right in, and others thought a winter coat and some leggings were more in order.  It was good to be out on the sound in the warmish shallow water, reminding ourselves of the fantastic piece creation that this corner of the world we live in is.

tide was coming in, and the kids took advantage of the little islands it created
piece of a crab.
I love the way the tides make the sand into shapes that echo the waters above.

On the edge!

"Mama look, it's a butterfly shell!"

My kind of way to enjoy spring on a Puget Sound beach!
the sun reflected in the mud
Gotta have the sparkly shoes, even at the beach!
Levi's job in life is to go to the very edge of every thing and everywhere, then take one more step.  He is my joyful experimenter, and I love him for that.

Levi tries to bring a log "boat" in to shore.  I think it was beached.  

Kids coming running to me fresh from looking for more crab legs to try to complete the crab body we found.  
colorful stones


levi is looking a little old-manish in my coat.  

hoeing up the ground for a garden i guess.
The spoils of the day


  1. Iverson is like the best beach ever and your pictures are exceptional! I know I've said it before but, we'll have to meet you guys there sometime this summer!

  2. So much fun!! I loved the way you captured the sand!!! (Really fun to compare with your previous blog post that was "suggested" to me below it from last summer. Can't wait to go this spring when the colors and plants and seaweed brighten the ground!


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