Saturday, April 7, 2012

Oh What a Beautiful Mornin'!

Some calendula oil Isaac was asking to use.  Maia is about to carry it away.
Last night there was a full moon.  My nephew pointed it out to me: "Aunt Angie, picture!"  I didn't get a shot because we were having a nice family movie night.  But this morning when I woke up, it was beautiful out. The sky was blue and I felt like singing "Oh what a beautiful mornin'!"

While I was cleaning gutters today, I found my bracelet outside.  i tossed it onto the railing, where it fell in a perfect heart shape.
We had the privilege of watching Isaac do the first part of his Taekwondo black belt test, then we enjoyed donuts at a tiny dutch bakery with laminate paneling from the 80's.  After that, we took my nephew home and I sat in the sun chatting with his mom.

When there's weather like this though, there's work that's been waiting to be done, so I hurried home and got our rototiller going so it could make its yearly rounds through the garden beds of friends and family.  I felt like I had some serious girl power going on when I used a Youtube video to learn how to inflate the tubeless tire of the tiller, then got it oiled and gassed up a and ran it around the garden!

The cool ninja moves of using a windlass to help inflate a tire.
The kids played outside, because my rule is that if they're inside on a nice day, they have to clean house.  I worked on some weeding and mostly some listening for humming birds.  They are visiting our flowering red currant bushes, and I've been wanting to catch some pictures.  Maia and I stood outside very quietly.  People called for us. "Quiet, we're listening for the birds!" she said.  We saw the hummingbird many times, and we enjoyed our time together in the last minutes of our sunny spring day.
hummingbird at red currant bush
calendula with tiny bug
watching for the humming bird

no more hummingbirds.  sad girl.
Koa at the end of the day
Goodnight calendula oil
Goodnight sun 

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  1. Love the one of Maia before she is sad, and I love that your hummingbird pics are by flowers not a feeder. SO cool!! Like it's real life!


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