Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Petite Sweeties

 Thankfully, my girls have become best buddies with their little cousin.  When my brother and his wife first had her, Maia was a little over a year old, and was very jealous of her, always wanting to be in my lap whenever her cousin was around.  This trip, when my parents came it was a different story.  The girls ask about each other all the time, and it's just how I have always wished for it to be with my kids and their cousins.  The girls are always looking forward to seeing their older cousins on my husband's side, and now there's a little cousin on my side to enjoy as well.  We went to a bakery as a family during our local 4H fair and the girls got all cheesy for the camera.

she knows her daddy is a goofball

Dad, Eva and Grandpa

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  1. Beautiful pictures I love the Yellow background, but my FAVORITE is the one with both the girls hiding behind their arms, but you can see their eyes!!!!!


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