Monday, April 2, 2012

Princess Yoga Party

yoga mats

My friend Dawn, of Expressive Fit, recently facilitated a princess story time yoga birthday party for my daughter.  It was wonderful.  The kids came dressed as princesses or princes.  Dawn captivated their interest with stories, colorful beads for bracelets, and yoga poses with names like "chaturanga" and "slumber party pose."  I made an ice cream cake that resembled a giant frosted ice cream sandwich.  That was a hit.  There were streamers and balloons everywhere.  All the parents had a great time visiting, and best of all, we were able to hold the party in my parents' house, so prep and clean up were a cinch, and there was room for everyone.  Happy birthday to my little 6 year old princess!

levi was fighting sickness

beads that they strung

maia was so tired she fell asleep right after painting when we got home.

a piggy of the presents, as are the following pictures.

This is what Saraiah drew to represent spring

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  1. SO beautiful!!! I think that was one of the best parties ever!


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