Monday, May 7, 2012

Busy as bees

A lupine, looking a little like a palm tree.
We've all been as busy as the bees are because of the time of year.  I've seem them out there, as well as the spiders, wasps, flies, ladybugs, beetles and earthworms.  They are rushing through the gameplan their DNA has laid out for this season of their lives.  The woods are loud with the noises of squirrels, jays and robins.  The creeks are swarming with mosquitos and the tree and bullfrogs are busy calling for mates.  Similarly, we try to keep up with the plans we've made for the time of year, all the while learning to flow with the detours that inevitably come our way.

Our yard echoes with the sounds of children playing until it's nearly nine-o-clock, making muddy versions of slip and slides and spinning around in circles.  Meanwhile, I'm watering plants in our little greenhouse, milking the goat, then working with Eva to get the baby goats to take to the bottle.  Honey, our mama goat, had mastitis, but we've treated that.  

Today I was brave enough to crack open the eggs our hatchy hen incubating for the past 24 days.  Sadly, they were duds.  Strangely enough, we seem to have another broody hen on our hands, so I may need to get  a suitable rooster to give her the babies she wants.  Our banty fellow must not be quite up to the job.

In the garden, I've planted all the plants we started indoors, some as early as January.  It's been a humbling year in that realm already.  I've had lots of failures, but in them, I've learned so much about plants and how similar they are to us in design.  When I get overtired, drink too much coffee and get dehydrated, my skin shows it, by peeling, getting redder and breaking out.  I'm exhausted and get sick easily.

Likewise, plants become weak when they are crowded, over or under watered, or given the wrong nutrients to grow in.  Things like aphids and fungus gnats will plague them,  When I'm careful to think in this way about our garden plants, I think I'm able to understand more what they need, because I'm understanding a little more intimately the design God has laid out for each of them, just as He has for me.

So tomorrow when we plant our beans, corn, squash and other things, I'll try to slow down my pace a little bit, reminding myself about the bees and ladybugs, my skin and my plant starts, and I will do my best to create a nurturing and stress free environment for those little plants.   That way all they have left to do is to grow well and strong, providing our family with some good and nourishing things so that we can grow too.

insect launch pad!

out to catch some dinner
Red clover.  Wow!


  1. I love your analogy about the plants needing the right amount of water and space, versus us and our need for the right amount of water, sleep and not too much caffeine. I hadn't thought of it like that before but, it's so true.

  2. I love that you (without saying it) point out that God's hand is in everything around us. All we have to do is look for it. I'm glad your mommy goat is doing better, I can imagine how stressful that can be.

    No matter how big or small, we can only do what we can do in a day, trying to do more just wears us out sooner. Even fast growing grass rests at night...

  3. Gorgeous photography! Thank you for stopping by and I just started following you via email. Beautiful blog and I always love following another western WA gardener.

  4. Red clover--GORGEOUS! I have never seen one.

    I love your insight about what plants need and what we need being very similar...Thank yoU!


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