Sunday, May 13, 2012

Love and flowers

columbine looking up

"Dear Mom, 
Happy Mother's day.  You are an amazing mom. . . . Just like flowers, you bloom with love.  I know flowers don't really give love, but don't people give flowers to people they love?

I left out most of Eva's note here because it's special and just between us.  It was a sweet mother's day filled with cards and good visiting with family, sitting in the sun, planting peas, watering plants watching kids play and playing with goats.  I'm so thankful for the family I've been given.  God knew who I needed, and he gave me just the perfect people to help me grow and to show me I'm loved.

Do you know that you're loved like that?  Even if you didn't get a card today or you just felt a little left out,  God loves you enough to give you flowers.  He does it every spring, and all through the winter.  Notice the living bouquet all around you.  You're loved, and that's enough.

the Icelandic poppy eva bought for me

Lupine in bloom

I got myself a honeysuckle for mother's day.  :)


Can you find the killdeer eggs?  A Killdeer mama laid her eggs right in the gravel at my in-laws' house.  Killdeer are a ground nesting bird that do a "fake broken wing" trick to try to lure predators from their eggs.  I certainly stressed mama out a bit taking this picture.  My father in law put a fence around this gravel area so the eggs could be safe.

Honey, our mama goat who we are milking.
Me trying to copy the Keith Green album cover.

It's beautiful when the scent of lilac fills the house


  1. Such incredible artistry. Beautiful post.

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