Saturday, May 12, 2012


My husband rarely has a negative word to say about anyone.  He works hard, and when his work isn't getting him anywhere, he has no qualms about moving on to a more promising and ultimately more successful project.  He has an exciting and contagious sense of adventure.  He can always make time for a nap.  He doesn't worry about what other people think of him, but moves forward with choices he has made and because of this, people respect him.  They admire him wonder how he does what he does.

My brother Danny is very organized.  I have not once seen his car messy.  He is careful with his money and sets up a budget with his wife.  He has led a men's group at his church and prays faithfully for our family.

My brother Matt thinks carefully about every decision he makes, even consulting the family on the very difficult ones.  He has been on a mission trip to Africa, showing people Jesus' love through the work of his hands.

My sister in law, Emma is very encouraging.  If you're down on yourself, she can always talk you back up and out of your stinking thinking.  She is positive.  She is unfailingly loving and kind.

My dad has a sensitive heart and cares very deeply for everyone around him.

My friend Josie is a people magnet.  Wherever she is, there are people gathered around her, eager to hear her great stories and attracted by her upbeat outlook on life.

My friends Joscelyn and Heather have a way of making you feel like they've been waiting all day to see you whenever you bump into them, and are willing to take the time to chat.

My friend Wendy makes some of the best desserts I've ever tasted and always checks in to make sure I'm doing ok.

My friend Julie is a gifted storyteller and born leader.

My friend Lisa has a smile and a hug that are good medicine that can't be found anywhere.  Her unwavering trust in God and confidence in Him are inspiring and comforting.

And me?  I'm not afraid to go to the bathroom with the door wide open, and I can mentally calculate the discount when something is 25% off.  I'm not concerned with buying new clothes and I don't relish spending money.  I like to stay home, and I'm cold all the time.  I will stay up late with my kids and I love when they talk to me, even when it's about nothing much.  I have a small repertoire of meals, but I'd love to find new ones.  I love to find grammatical and spelling errors and I don't like to make decisions.  People say I'm sweet and I try to be nice to everyone around me, but I can't stand injustice and don't mind speaking up about it.  I love God and see His wonder all around me and like playing praise music loudly when I clean.  Also, I can recover dining room chairs.

All of us have mothers.  Whether we see them often, get along with them, or have never met them, somehow they have shaped some bit of ourselves.  Whenever I meet a friend's mother, I look for that familiar nod or gesture, figure of speech or sparkle in the eye.  Usually I find it.  I find pieces of my dear friends in the eyes and hearts of their mothers.

Often, the qualities I love best about my friends and family members can link somehow back to their mother.  My husband might not be the confident, self motivated man his is without having watched the way his mom works.  My brothers might not be as finance savvy or as strongly committed to teaching those around them about Christ without the influence of our mom.

My grandma Jean was just like my dad:  a walking heart of gold.

Emma, Joscelyn, Heather and Lisa have moms who feel to me like they must be my long lost extra moms...they remind me so much of my mom, and I can see their fingerprints on the sweet fragrance of their daughters' personalities.  Josie's positive outlook and contagious enthusiasm stem right from her mom Carla, and Wendy's mom is retired but selling bread and playing a consistently positive role in the lives of those around her.  I haven't met Julie's mom, but I know she too is a born leader.

And my mom?  Marcia Jo Kirk lives thousands of miles away from me, but she's right here in my mind and in my heart.  She's there when I'm agonizing over the 20cent difference in cheese prices.  She's rolling her eyes at the errors in a major publication.  She's outraged at the massive loss of life in our country through the sad deception that is abortion.  She's dedicated to her family and prays for us regularly.  Her simple, intentional way of living influences my daily life, and I am grateful for her.

I am thankful for each womb that carried each life that has intersected with mine.  I am thankful for each mother.  I am thankful for each varicose vein, each stretch mark, each case of mastitis.  I am thankful for every late night feeding, every sleepless night of worried prayer.  I am thankful for every hug, and every band-aid, every kiss on the forehead and every goodnight prayer.

I am thankful that God gave us mothers, because they are a daily reminder that we do not make ourselves, but are shaped by a hand larger than our own.  God knowingly gave each of us the mother that we have, seeing clearly her influence in his larger plan for our lives.

Psalm 100:3 "Know that the Lord Himself is God; It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves; we are His people and the sheep of his pasture."
(now you can see why the title of this post is "Maaaaa!"  :)

Happy Mother's Day to you and your mother


  1. Love you Angie!!! Beautiful piece,Happy Mothers Day!!!!
    I had to laugh at the end of your blog because I thought it was going to be about baby goats! (reference the MAAAAA) You can see where my mind has been this past week.:) Janet

  2. Awwww....this is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your heart. You are an AMAZING mom and I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  3. Aahhhh. You are so sweet, my friend. You have such a way with words. You make me smile. Happy Mother's Day! Love you! -Heather

  4. Oh, Angie, so insightful, so full of goodness. Thank you for your joy in life. It's contagious!


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