Saturday, May 19, 2012

Our garden at dusk

 This evening my husband did something that was very good for my heart.  He asked me if I'd like to show him the gardens.  So we played with the baby goats, trying to get them to climb the play structure,  then ran back and forth with them.  We looked at each of the garden beds, noticing the fibonacci sequence in leave orientation, and I tried to remember all that was planted there.

I admired his healthy rhubarb and the newest shoots of his bamboo plants.  There's a special kind of unity that happens when you walk side by side in the garden.  I think I understand a little more why God created the human race in a garden.  Our daily toil reminds of us that garden where we began, and aren't all of us just working toward finding a piece of that garden again in our lives?

hungry goat mosh pit

new little raspberries

bamboo shoot
The rhubarb blossoms are a mini ecosystem all of their own.  There are ants, gnats, mosquitos, worms and more.  

baby plum

candling one of our broody hen's eggs when we were inside again

the rose we got my mom for mother's day

blossoms from the garden
And from the cell phone, some snapshots of our family this week in the garden:

daikon radish
radishes from a friend

maia took this

maia in the forest

saraiah in the woods

I was trying to explain to Levi how cursive handwriting is faster once you practice, because you don't have to pick up your hand between letters.  He said it was like how Eva crochets, and I said it was, exactly.

Spring salad

Math book in the garden

reflection in ipod

broody hen
more egg candling

Goats headbutting

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