Monday, June 11, 2012

For the love of cuteness

I've been noticing lately the small and caring ways God has fulfilled some of my more frivolous desires.   Babies are an example.  I've had five of them, but do you think I can get enough of them?  Nope, especially not in the spring time, which I guess I'm hardwired to want to help in the general population boom in the cuteness realm.

So this spring, I've been surrounded by babies.  Two friends have had tiny newborn human babies.  We've got two tiny cute baby goat kids on our farm.    We have 7 adorable little chicks being nurtured by their mama.  My little nearly 4 year old Maia, our youngest, still doesn't want to let go of the last bits of her baby-ness and still loves to climb into our bed at night.  And at a game night at my friend's house, I got to coo over this adorable baby kitten.

So even though my baby creating days are over, I'm noticing there are still babies to appreciate and lessen the little pangs of sadness when I hear the sweet cry of someone's newborn baby in the grocery store.  I'm reminded that it is good to purposely look around and notice the tender and abundantly meaningful ways we are cared for.

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