Sunday, June 3, 2012

I heart summer

To me, weed whacking is one of the most gratifying and calming things to do in the summer.  You are doing something loud and dangerous, so people don't bother you.  You get time to think.  The most fun though, is that you get to destroy something while simultaneously improving something else.  After 2 and a half hours at this, I decided to go and appreciate the boom of growth that has happened over the past few weeks.  It's late spring and summer is just in sight.  I ate my first sun-warmed strawberry this afternoon and picked salmonberries with Saraiah.  We ate them fresh, and later wrapped in delicious crepes made by Eva. The nettles are flowering, and we had a good time outsmarting the plant so that we could pick their yummy blossoms.  

Our poppies are beautiful this year.  They have surprised me, because I don't really remember planting them.  The cottonwood is making a snow flurry with its downy seeds and they are catching on spider's webs and in the grass.  The buttercups are several feet tall, so that the neighbor's horses look like they are swimming through the field.  You find them everywhere, and every year, when they bloom, I am reminded of the first time I saw the Pacific Ocean from the Washington coast.  I sat on a grassy hill at that chilly beach with my journal, looked down and really noticed my first buttercup.  They don't grow in Hawaii where I grew up, so they weren't a weed to me.  Next time you see one, take the time to really look at it.  They are beautiful in their simplicity.  

The baby goats are 6 weeks old, so we went out in the field with them so they could enjoy some fresh grass.  We're not ready for them to be alone because of the ever present eagles, who always seem to be seeking a snack.  So I lay back in the grass to let the sun soak my skin.  Pretty soon a goat was using me for a little jungle gym, so I sat up and played with her instead, thankful for the gift of seasons, and how they teach me to really notice and love the world around me.  What have you been noticing and enjoying this season?

buttercup peeking through the deck
baby spiders and cottonwood fluff on my sad little green tea plant.
Cottonwood leaves and seeds
Koa surveys his domain.  Our cottonwood is right in front of him.

Showing off her salmonberries
buttercup and cottonwood fluff
cottonwood fluff in a spider web

Goat tries to eat her bouquet before it's picked

Taking the goat for a walk

Daisies in my pocket
Nettle flowers

walkabout with the goaties
cottonwood seed pod
Salmonberry on a branch
Oso berry.  We don't eat these, though I think they are edible in small amounts.   Their pits have a type of cyanide in them.  Bears like them, I guess, because "oso" is the spanish word for bear.

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  1. I love your pictures. The baby goats are so cute and the daisies in your back pocket are awesome. Happy (almost) summer!


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