Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Indomitable spirit

Isaac has been attending Taekwondo classes for the past 2 years and has finally tested for black belt.  Master Lee, his teacher, is kind but firm and we are very thankful to have had his guidance in Isaac's life.  It's his turn now to choose whether he would like to advance within the black belt rank or to move on to learning other new things.  Every taekwondo class they say the Taekwondo Chung Shin together, which sums up the essence of what Taekwondo should teach each student:

Self Control
Indomitable Spirit

I can see that Isaac has grown in all of these areas over his journey through the taekwondo belts, and I hope he will look back on these days and be thankful that he persevered and learned very difficult  martial arts skills, as well as priceless skills for every day life. 

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