Sunday, June 17, 2012

To the Moon!

My husband Brandon and Saraiah
As a kid, whenever we asked where we were going, dad would say, "To the moon!"  A good father is like a solid launchpad for a strong start in life.  When a child has a good relationship with a caring father, he knows that if he chooses to make the moon his goal, his dad will be among the first to encourage him to reach it.

I think one of the greatest jobs of a dad is to inspire imagination. The ability to step outside of the daily grind that is every day life and to joke about it is an important skill.  It helps us to not take ourselves too seriously, and I'd even venture to say that it can prevent wars.

Most daddies aren't afraid to turn kids upside down, tickle them mercilessly, tease them with fake bugs or buy them treats.  After many hours spent working at whatever they do,  I think they earn this privilege and that it helps their minds to switch gears to family life.  This kind of behavior speaks straight to a kid's heart because this is their language: fun, craziness and energetic activity.  Though dads may have had to grow up, in these moments, it seems they become Peter Pan, just for a bit, and children are reminded that their dad was once a kid, just like them.  A deep connection of trust and mutual understanding is thus formed.  

The dads I most admire, like my husband Brandon, my daddy Steve and my father in law, Rod, all a possess another special quality.  Without even trying, they make children feel safe and protected, so much so that a child can fall deeply asleep right on their chest or climb all over their heads, just like they're a jungle gym.

This sort of dad will wake from a deep sleep when he hears a strange noise, immediately at full attention.  He will be the first to respond when sounds of crying or shouting resound, quickly scooping up the injured or diffusing the battles.  He is calm and logical, yet firm.  He is compassionate and generous, saying "no" only when it is completely necessary.  He inspires his children with his work ethic and integrity.  His kids want to do what he does and be where he is.

The dads in my life are a tangible, every day reminder of the way my Heavenly Father loves and cares for me and family and I am grateful.  Their sacrifice, wisdom and love mirror His.  We are inspired, filled with knowledge and comforted.  And we know that with this kind of backing, we can reach the moon...and beyond.

My father in law, Rod
My daddy Steve


  1. Awww, love it, as usual! Maia must be the Daddy finder, since she is in all the photos!

  2. saraiah is in the first 2, maia in the last


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