Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Where a kid can be insane!

Most parents I have met will avoid Chuck E. Cheese like it is infested with some sort of plague.  That is of course unless our sweet and adorable children beg and plead and are invited to birthday parties, so that we finally cave in.  We go only for very special occasions, like other people's birthdays, their own birthdays, or some massive achievement, which I now can't recall.  Why loud noises, flashing lights, clinking fake coins, singing animatronic mice and utter chaos appeal to children is abundantly clear.  It is the stuff kids thrive on.  It is weird.  It is surreal.  It's like catnip for children.

Saraiah was invited to her cousin's birthday at Chuck E. Cheese a few weeks ago on a sunday afternoon, and it was actually very fun.  I found myself half shouting a really hilarious conversation with my aunt-in-law while never managing to sit.  It must have been the energy level of the place.  I also had only one child with me, which probably added to my enjoyment factor.  Saraiah was happy with her time with her cousin, she was given a few tokens, and I prepared her ahead of the time for the meager prizes by saying, hey, you might even get something as awesome as an ERASER!!!!  She came away very satisfied with a fake spider, 2 tattoos, a plastic whistle and a candy.

Chuck E. Cheese, where a kid can be insane!

Cupcakes were allowed in!

Candles were forgotten, so she "fake blew out candles"

The ticket blaster, a new phenomenon, designed to create more chaos and to entice children to beg their children to spend more money.  Kids whose parents pay for it get to stand inside and catch tickets.
bouquet for the birthday girl

she discovers she's getting a kitten from a photo on the phone

the ticket counting machine

Grooving and watching themselves on the big screen

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