Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A day at Jetty Island

low tide

In the Pacific Northwest, even in late July, you must be careful when planning a day out at the beach.  The weather can be very unpredictable, and with the weird lightning storms we've had around here lately, I was more cautious than normal about our planned trip to Jetty Island.
on the ferry

Jetty island is a manmade jetty that was created in the late 1800s to protect the port of Everett in Western Washington.  The only way to get to the island is via a free ferry. You pick up a ticket for your return time when you go out onto the island.  Once there, you're there.

My friend Josie planned the trip, reserving tickets for our group.  The weather had been great this month, but a few days before our trip, it got rainy!  Last time we had been on Jetty Island, the ferry broke and the weather was stormy.  We had to be taken off the island early on a tiny boat!

levi, doing his job of climbing anything he can.
We prayed lots this time that the clouds would stay high.  The weather ended up being overcast with a few blue-sky-breaks and only maybe 5 raindrops.  It was a good time with seagulls trying to steal our food, canada geese flying overhead, kids being buried in sand, walking along the beach at very low tide and collecting trash for free Jr. Frosties from Wendy's.  It's a beautiful place.  If you live anywhere nearby, be sure to visit!

Isaac snagged my camera.  Here are Josie and I being synchronized moms.

tide lines

tiny clams

Sand art by Eva' s friend
Josie walking by


One of the kids has lots of allergies.  The seagulls stole her gluten free sandwich.  You should have seen the army of people chasing those seagulls!  Corbin prevailed and got the sandwich, though it was no longer edible.  We showed those seagulls!
Canada geese

beach teepee

how she shows enthusiasm...
Maia and her secret weapon

cousins buried in sand. 

feeling stuck on a seaweed island

sand mer-people


  1. Great pictures! I feel like I know Eva so much more after spending the week with her in the kitchen at VBS. She is really awesome!

  2. I LOVE your pictures. it's really my favorite to see you do it, I was watching you take some of them, wondering how they would turn out, knowing that even if I took the same picture mine wouldn't have the "compel" thing yours get when you do details. I was spying on you!! I think they are even better than I thought theyd be!!!!!!

  3. I know the treasures are wonderful one can find at low tide, but I love Jetty at high tide. The water is (semi) warm and swimming is a lot more fun. And I love to watch the kaliedoscope of kite surfers go by as I relax in the sun.

    The thing I love most about Jetty Island is that once you hit the west side, you forget that Everett is so close. It is as though you're on a remote island, far away from civilization. I like that feeling.

    Kristi Neeleman


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