Saturday, July 28, 2012

Best little fair in town

My friend's son was one of the very few this year who climbed the greased pole completely unaided.  He was rewarded handsomely with a $5 bill that was inside the envelope he snagged!

There is a great little fair in our town that lasts only one day. Admission is free and premiums are given only to exhibitors who are children. Funds for premiums are raised by concessions. I love the simplicity and low pressure of this fair. My kids show fiber goats for 4H. Because it's the first fair of the summer, my kids get good practice with kind judges before they get to the tougher and longer fairs. You can see every major species of farm animal at this fair and watch kids show them. I hear over and over again that this fair is for learning, and isn't that what 4H is all about?

The other giant factor of this fair is fun! It always starts out with a flag ceremony and dedication. Then games last all morning, wrapping up with the grease pole contest. This year I was pleasantly surprised to find that I seemed to know every 5th child who tried to climb the grease pole. That's a true small town fair.

Our baby goats and the fair supplies box
Waiting to warm up.  This is a rare instance in life when Levi was actually not boiling hot.
The man who was the driving force behind this fair for many years passed away suddenly this year, so the fair was dedicated to his memory and pigeons were released.

The sack race. Levi has his game face on.
Honey gets pinned so she can be spiffied up for showing.
My lovely Eva and her goat, Honey

setting up feet on an uncooperative baby
Puzzled by this knot

doesn't the goat look like she's wearing a fake wool suit?  
Even 3 year old Maia showed.
setting feet
proud onlookers
The joy of cousins

My friend's son prepares himself for an epic grease-pole climb.

And he made it!  
roof of the old granary
Petting zoos are the perfect way to end the day
Time to go home!


  1. And suddenly, Maia looks so grown up.

    If the boy goat is named Yoda, what's the girl goat's name?

  2. the boy goat is actually beau. he just looks like yoda. the girl is belle.


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