Sunday, July 15, 2012

A garden party

My friend Carrie's little girl turned five last week.  We were happy to find out we had been invited to her garden tea party today.  Carrie is a fantastic gardener, decorator, friend, mom and apparently, caterer to high tea!  The hors d'ouvres included cucumber tea sandwiches, blueberry muffins, cheesecake, cupcakes, brownie bites, strawberries with yogurt dip, melons and even bread pudding with fresh cream. Mmm.

Maia with the birthday girl
The guests were served from silver platters by Carrie's sons, who wore white shirts and black ties.  There were vintage tablecloths, rustic chairs to sit on and even a game of mancala.  The kids made beaded rings and flower crowns, then enjoyed themselves jumping on the trampoline or riding the zipline, the perfect combination of activities! I think once you've seen these pictures, you'll almost be able to smell the green grass, hear the buzz of children playing, and taste the sugary goodies.

happy about mancala and tea


Saraiah's wreath in the making
I got the birthday girl to look me in the lens! 
birthday girl's wonderful big sis, activity mastermind and froster of all things cupcake-y

This cat creamer pitcher was probably one of my favorite things to see all day.  That, and the light that shone into the garden just on this one little rise in the path that everyone was walking through.  It made everyone just look so sparkly and summery.
I am expecting him to offer me some Grey Poupon

Our mutual friend Marci with her sweet daughter. 

seeing pictures with dad and brother
making beaded rings
Carrie and her husband Doug...he put on his fancy wedding suit for the occasion.
Carrie's dad, sister and cousin (i think).  Don't they look so proper and elegant?

posing with their wreaths and crowns
mother and daughter
something very exciting on the iphone. 

doodling on the doodle bear
wreath making

bread pudding in a cup
father and son

done with tea
he told us emphatically that this was a pistol

wild geranium and buttercup
Hannah is plum tuckered out

Emma, best dog ever... besides Koa.

sad to go

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