Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

My friend's son made his own flag for the parade
It's Independence Day, the day we celebrate our country becoming its own, no longer under the governance of another.  I am reminded that my children too, will one day need to break free of me, and it's coming sooner than I wish.  I must remind myself that I should move with them through this process, instead of putting arbitrary or foolish limitations on their lives.

My actions as a mother should be as deliberate as those of our mother hen, who is now teaching her little chicks to roost.  Fear and selfishness can play no part if I am to help them thrive and survive in this big world.  It is for their good that I slowly allow them to go to new and loftier places.  If I rein them in, they will only yearn to break free and distance themselves all the more.  No, I will do my best not to make the mistake the mother country of our nation did.  Instead, I will gently teach them what I can and then learn to let them grow and go.

I hope you enjoy some snapshots of our day with family for a BBQ and ending with a hometown parade.

Salad made by Brandon's cousin

Grandpa's Oysters

My dear and wonderful sis-in-law and niece 

Trying to get eva to be in a picture, Uncle Danny goofs around with intimidation with stink eye.

Enjoying the 65 degree pool.
Waiting to march in the parade with our school.

Cousins by the side of the parade.
Great grandpa can't see anymore, but he came to enjoy the parade just the same
parade candy
The kids' cousin.  It was hot for the first time in a LONG time today

My feet.  Dirty from gardening, but OH So happy in the sun

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