Monday, July 23, 2012

My favorite baby shower yet!

I love babies. I love to celebrate them. Therefore, when I find out someone is expecting, I am sure to check in and see if anyone is planning a baby shower for them yet. If not, I always offer to help in some capacity. Usually, it's a very simple affair with some streamers, balloons, cake and silly games. And of course I love to take lots of pictures. 

My friend Angela has a tutorial on how to make these adorable  chicken wire frames at her blog
But this time, my friend Julie teamed up with me to do my favorite baby shower yet. Actually, she did mostly everything, I was essentially the P.R. person and inviter of people and maker of drinks. Julie enlisted an army of helpers to carry out this beautiful shower, and did it so well that I think she had better be an event planner professionally. 

Jessica, on the far right, her mom and sister.
Jessica, the recipient of the shower, was the expectant mom I did a belly shoot of a few weeks ago and we gathered to celebrate her soon to be born baby. The nursery colors are pink and brown, so it was a pink and brown shower. There were cake pops, pink flowers in brown pots, white chocolate dipped pretzels, scones, cran-raspberry punch, pink and brown heart shaped cookies, special cupcakes, veggie and fruit trays, mini quiches, cucumber tea sandwiches, an adorable clothesline filled with baby clothes, a pennant banner with baby's name, a table to make headbands for baby, a coloring table for younger guests, a table to make notes of encouragement for baby a diaper cake, a diaper bike, tissue paper flowers and a special display with the photos of Jessica.

My favorite part of all was the blessing and prayer that Jessica's mentor, Susie gave. Susie has prayed for and with Jessica since her youth group days and had many very meaningful things to say. I'm so thankful for Jessica and was delighted to see her and her almost-here baby celebrated in such a special way.

We gave Jessica cards and stamps and asked guests to write their addresses on envelopes to make the inevitable thank you notes easier.

my son Levi loves baby showers

diaper bike!

My levi's note of "encouragement" for Jessica and Madalyn during those 2AM feedings.  Can't tell whether it says "Jesus loves you too" or "Jesus loves your poo."  He is 9 after all. I didn't read this until I was editing pictures.  Oops.

adorable rosette barettes for baby
soft knit headbands
Jessica always has her hair done up in such a pretty way!

baby feet
levi's baby shower fun

Beautiful handwriting by my friend Judy

gift list

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  1. Awwww!!! Truly the most beautiful baby shower ever!!!


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