Monday, July 23, 2012

Part of the Big God Story

During the summer and on Wednesday nights, our church uses the David C. Cook Tru Story curriculum for teaching kids and families about God, and what it means to be a part of his "Big God Story." The kids learn the individual Bible stories with a big-picture perspective, seeing how each story is part of the greater plan that God has to redeem all creation. Kids see how they are woven into this beautiful living tapestry. They begin to understand that God's story isn't just a "way back then" story, it's one that still continues today with us!

This past week the church used their "Go Big" vacation Bible school curriculum. It was great. It was the most understandable and easily grasped evangelism I've ever encountered. Each day was highlighted by a different significant story and character in the Bible and how they are a part of God's plan. (also, each day had a fun theme for the ways kids were to dress, as you will see below)

First we covered Adam and Eve, creation and the fall of man so the kids could understand the gap that was created when sin came into the world and how we need a redeemer to bridge it. The next day we talked about Joseph and how he was betrayed by his brothers, but how God redeemed that situation, using Joseph to save many lives. After that, we talked about Queen Esther and how she helped to save God's people by understanding she was where she was for a reason. On day 4 we talked about Jesus and how He is the redeemer God promised his people all through the Old Testament. On the last day we gave a bird's eye view of God's big story from beginning to end, talking about how it's still happening today and how Jesus promises to return again.

Vacation Bible School is for me a time of spiritual renewal. I see God through the bubbly lens of a child's faith and am joyful. I am led to grapple honestly and fearlessly with the questions I still have when children ask them of me. I am reminded that I was created this way: with a thirst for God that I can't fully quench. I understand that I have an appetite whetted by my questions that can only be filled by seeking after Him. I am encouraged and heartened to see how Jesus works in the lives of these little children and am strengthened in my faith in and love for God. I'm so glad to be part of the Big God Story!

day 2 was backwards day!
leading down to the preschoolers
backwards feet for backwards day
my nephew on crazy hair day

making crowns on the day we learn about Queen Esther

barn swallows at church

the VBS director
the kids loved the church prayer trail

John 3:16

the kids raised $750 in all for Burundian widows' children to go to camp.
cake pop after VBS
Thursday night program
One of my favorite songs...the kids make thunder on the ground with their hounds, then clap their hands on their legs to sound like rain, then clap their hands together.  It's beautiful!
Kettle corn awesomeness at the end of family night
the kids were supposed to work together to build a tower on the last day.

A wonderful experienced teacher of the Bible, miss Sue, tells the story of the wordless book to a child.

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