Friday, July 13, 2012

Thunder and Lightning!

Today we had some good old fashioned midwestern U.S. style thunder and lightning.  The rumbles were so deep, they seemed to shake the house and to resonate inside my head.  Lightning flashed all day, knocking out our electricity with its force.

I saw my first lightning bolt since forever when driving home from taking a meal to a friend.  The pure whiteness of it startled me.  In Hawaii, where I grew up, the lightning we experienced was more akin to someone switching a light on and off quickly, so I am not actually sure if I've ever seen textbook lightning!

As if all of this visual and audio displaying wasn't enough, random showers of huge raindrops pummeled the house and garden.  I think the way they landed and splashed on my deck sums up the exuberant impressiveness of the weather today.

I love how the rain made a tiny sea on my railing

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