Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trendy Kale Chips

So everyone who's anyone in the gardening world seems to be making Kale chips.  I was avoiding it simply because it was popular, but man, I have a lot of kale!  The kids only eat it while grazing in the garden, so I decided I was willing to try them.  I think they taste a little like the nori seaweed paper you use when making sushi.  My daughter thinks they taste like soy sauce.  They're SO easy! 

Small and larger kale side by side.  The larger kale worked best.


Kale: I tried both the small new leaves and the larger, more mature ones.  The larger ones, cut free from the stem ended up being more crunchy and less chewy than the smaller ones.  You will need enough to fill up your cookie sheet.
Sea Salt
Garlic powder
Olive Oil

cut up on the sheet


*Heat the oven to 275 degrees.
*Pat your kale dry.  I didn't do this and it took forever for the kale to crisp up because I had just washed it.
*Spread the kale on your cookie sheet.  I used a jelly roll pan with sides.
*Drizzle olive oil over the Kale
*Sprinkle salt sparingly over the kale.  Remember, it will shrink. I put a little too much salt on because of this.
*Sprinkle garlic over kale if desired.
*Toss the kale to coat all sides with olive oil and salt.
*Spread the kale evenly over the cookie sheet

Bake for 20 minutes.  I ended up going for 30 minutes, but checking every ten, but my kale was pretty damp when I put it in.

Bring it out of the oven and eat.  Be prepared for a crunch you're only used to associating with potato chips.  Mmm!

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  1. Kale is one of the main ingredients in my juicing thing I keep forgetting to do because I keep forgetting to buy it.


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