Monday, July 16, 2012

Wonderfully made

The shape of the pea pod; the juiciness of the perfectly ripe raspberry.  They are certainly wonderfully made!
Today was our first day of Vacation Bible School at our church.  The theme was God's Big Story, which is told about in the Bible and how that Story is still playing out.  We're a part of that big Story.  The verse today was "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made..." Psalm 139:14.

I was a group leader.  We read the story of creation and talked about all the crazy and beautiful things God has made.  The kids in my group ranged from shy and sweet to loud and boisterous.  I was moved to realize how carefully and masterfully created each one of them is.  Each of them has a significant role to play in the big world they live in.  I hope that today they were really inspired to begin to understand this.

We went for a walk on the church's prayer trail through the woods, had good snacks, fun games and made cool backpacks.  We talked about what part of God's creation we liked best after we finished.  Ideas ranged from thought provoking, like when someone said the "Lord's Prayer" was their favorite silly, when another child followed her theme of the day and said she liked Bigfoot best.

  I came away very thankful for the intricate design of the world and for the Creator who made it all.  Of course it was a lovely day and my mom in law, ever able to read my mind, invited us to come on over and pick some raspberries.  Of course we did and we had a wonderful time.  Mmmm...I'm full.


making backpacks
Isaac was my co-leader.  Silly kid.
on the trail

We are collecting funds to send Burundi kids to camp through Sister Connection.

Back home

Poor Saraiah has a puffy eye from a mosquito bite.

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