Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Getting the chapel ready

Chastity planned and orchestrated the entire event with Matt's help.  She has a rare gift of seeing the large picture and being able to make it a reality by putting all the smaller pieces together.  She is a true artist, designing and making almost everything herself, including this sign.

I'm so thankful we were able to be back in Hawai'i for my brother Matt's wedding.  The setup and rehearsal were when we got to know my brother's friends and the family of his soon-to be wife, Chastity.  Our family grew by leaps and bounds when we added Chastity and her family to ours on that wedding day, and I am so thankful.  They are a fun, hard working, hilarious and kind bunch of people, just like Chastity.  I'm excited that I now have another sister, especially because she is creative, silly, loves God, and loves my brother to the moon and back.

These grasslands used to be sugar cane fields back in the day.  We saw them on the way to the venue on the North Shore of O'ahu, where they were married.
Sunset Ranch, where the wedding was held in the mountains above the North Shore. 
The bride 
Emma, my brother danny's wife...already my sis.
This horse arena is what they transformed.  It was amazing what they did.

Thankfully, Chastity's brother has a very tall truck and I have some very tall brothers and I have a former electrician for a husband.  They stapled countless light strands to the rafters.
Reflection of all the people in the doorway watching the truck at work
Chastity, directing.
Emma's into cameras too.  
This is totally safe. 
enjoying the red dirt
Auntie Emma taking the little ones for a walk

looking at the shampoo ginger
Ah, the freedom!
Cousins.  We couldn't help much with the little girls, so we wandered around the grounds.

going to see the horses
We pose 

getting centerpieces ready

Back to the barn...still not done.

Playing with sleeping grass
Fuji instax (like polaroid) pictures of each of the guests were clipped to this pallet during the wedding
Dandelion in Hawai'i!  I remember mailing a dandelion I had picked in Indiana back to my grandma when I was a kid because I was afraid it would become a noxious weed there.
Everyone kept calling this hay.  Eva reminded them that it is straw!

Exploring the aisleways
There was termite damage in many places, but it was kind of picturesque.
All the workers
All alone on the dance floor.
Spreading the straw

Chastity's super strong brother carries the drinks over to she shade.
Saraiah found a snail shell
The chairs.  Chastity's dad made the altar.  They hung curtains from it.
Yummy local food
Enjoying the food!
Ready to practice!

Pastor Rick
Red dirt and a leaf!
Maia loves auntie chastity
Practicing flower girls.
Some groomsmen, Saraiah the ringbearer, and Emma, the helper
Practicing the vows 

She's loving the rare indulging in soda
All done.

That looks super safe.
Grandma and grandpa!
Bride and her besties
One of the random chickens who wanted to ruin all the careful straw placement!
Lounging in wait....while I go to look for my keys wherever I dropped them on the massive grounds.  They were found. No worries.
See you at the wedding!

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  1. I love the Saraiah and her pop and your caption on the truck one "This is safe."!!!!


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