Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm thinkin' of somethin' orange...

Hawai'is dirt is reddish orange because of the high iron content...the iron has oxidized, making it orange instead of your typical brown dirt. 

 I am participating in a photography challenge this month in which we were to select 4 images that say "orange" to me.  Happily, the assignment was given while we were in Hawai'i, so I had many "orange" moments.  The first four are the ones I submitted, but I had to share the rest too.

Hedychium. A type of ginger flower.

Papaya for breakfast with the sky reflected on the plate.  

Blossom from the "flamboyant" tree: Royal Poinciana
Ixora, a tropical shrub 
Angel's trumpet blossom.  Highly toxic.

Sunset at Waikiki

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