Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mr. Moon

It's been a busy week sandwiched between two local fairs.  The weather has been hot and lovely during the day.  The evenings have taken on a chill that reminds us that fall is racing toward us more quickly than we might realize.  The moon was full tonight and instagramming pictures of it very tiny in the square frame on my cell phone just didn't do it justice.  

After milking the goat and feeding the chickens with my little girls, I raced outside again just as dusk closed in and the moon was rising.  I had my 55-200mm zoom lens on the camera, so I set the ISO at 1000, put the focus on manual, the shutter speed around 250 and the aperture around 5.  The moon was so bright, I hoped I'd get some detail of its surface without the photo being blown out, and I did!  

Then I ran out to the goat pasture, hoping to catch the last of the sunset, but I missed it.  Instead, I decided to use the moon as a sort of circular light box with which to frame the grass that has gone to seed in the pasture.  It was great fun to take pictures just to try to be artsy.  If you made any pictures of the moon this week and have them posted online, feel free to share a link in the comments.  I would love to see!



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