Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Back

Fall back.  I love this phrase we use to remind ourselves of how to set our clocks as the season changes.  It reminds me of what comforts fall represents to me.  I enjoy falling back into old routines in schooling, household chores and church activities.  It's a cozy time of year that makes me content to snuggle into a fuzzy blanket and read some lovely books to my children.  I picture in my mind falling back into a big pile of leaves or a downy comforter and I am ready.  The shorter days give us time to rest and enjoy one another and give us a break from the work that seems to call when it's light so late.  Welcome fall.  I'm ready to fall back.

I love this man.  
me and the little ones.


  1. I feel so ready to fall back too.
    Your photos are always exquisite! You are so skilled at capturing beauty in nature AND people.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful photos! Bring on the fall, I'm ready!


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