Sunday, September 9, 2012

Matt and Chastity are married!

Chastity, silhouetted.   The clouds were crazy beautiful that evening.
My brother Matt was married last month at Sunset Ranch on the north shore of the island of O'ahu, Hawai'i.  The bridal party stayed at a house on Pipeline beach beforehand, then made their way up into the mountains for the beautiful wedding.  Chastity is the perfect match for Matt.  She's adventurous, funny, smart and artistic.  I'm so thankful we were able to be there for their wedding.  I warn you, there are LOTS of flower girl pictures, as I was the designated flower girl keeper.  That was quite the job, keeping them white while surrounded by Hawai'i's brilliant red dirt!

Matt and Chastity look off into the future.  My friend Josie taught me how to do some Photoshop editing with this image, so this was a team editing effort.  
Maia and her cousin were the flower girls.  Saraiah was the ring bearer.
The flower girls get all pretty, like a little cat.

dad rests on the porch
my sweet niece


Waiting while the groomsmen practice their surprise dance for the reception.
Love Grandma!
Love Grandpa!
love cousins!

Posing with uncle Matt
My dad is probably the best I know at appreciating his surroundings.  He's looking out at the ocean here.
My most lovely mommy
The groomsmen weren't patient enough to do the fancy buttons on their tuxedos, but dad was!
Emma, my wonderful sister in law, queen of pulling everything together for Matt and Chastity before and during the wedding.  

Chastity heads out to see Matt for the first time in her wedding dress.
Gathering herself and wiping some happy tears before going out to see Matt

Matt's paraphernalia.  Not sure if he actually tried the cigar.
driving up to the wedding spot
Saraiah's ring bearer dress had petals inside of it.

Mom and Eva making centerpiece bouquets
Matt's friend, Keoni, is an amazing photographer.  He did their engagement shoot.  He edited these in ten minutes while they waited.  That's amazing.  They had large poster sized prints hanging all over the barn where the reception was held.
succulents for favors

The girls wait patiently

Siamese twin cousins
Matt greets Eva very cheesily

Ready for the ceremony already!!!!

Ring bearer pillow

Cereal kept them from dying from anticipation. It was very hard to get a good picture of my own daughter.  Thus, lots of sweet niece pics.

most gutsy peacock ever: tried to take food from tables.

She chases chickens wherever she goes
She just found out we were not going to have her carry the actual rings.  I thought she knew that.  
So we put two white flowers in the center of the big flower: one for Chastity and one for Matt
They made it to the altar!
Matt sees Chastity and gets teary.  Thanks Emma, for telling me to grab this picture!

Saraiah is thrilled
The girls got noisy at this point, so we left with them and didn't actually hear the rest of the ceremony.  My son Isaac took over the camera job and did AMAZINGLY!

Isaac captured my favorite bride groom kiss shot ever!

Thank you Isaac!  These pictures are amazing!
Time for group pics.  I followed the girls over to the spot.  

Pics with the parents

back in the area where the bridesmaids were getting ready

Matt sports a lovely bouquet

Chastity's nieces and nephew

Such a cool idea: you get your place card, have your picture taken, then your picture gets posted for Matt and Chastity to put in an album later.
dressed up for the photo booth
Chastity's nieces did beautiful hula

My aunt Pam and her granddaughter
The girls take the dance floor. Some of the dance moves looked like Ta'i Chi

First Dance

Catch the bouquet!
That bridesmaid looks a little disappointed.

Groomsmen's hilarious surprise dance to Justin Bieber's "Baby" 

Here's a video clip done by my brother in law, Justin, of the crazy dance.  My brothers are known for doing goofy dances to make everyone laugh, particularly ones where they fling people around.  

Just before my brother Danny gets slightly injured 
Matt is flung into the air.

Matt brings Chastity up on stage for a kiss
Waiting for garter toss
Look at that guy tripping a groomsman!  Wonder if he was sore the next day?  

Daddy Daughter
Mother son
After the money dance

I think matt was tossed at least three times during the reception

Next day.  Still wearing the dirt stained leotard.
My breakfast.  It was a beautiful weekend.


  1. Ange,those are lovely pictures! I love the one of the girls sleeping. so cute. It looks like it was a wonderful wedding.


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