Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunset at Waikiki and Makaha

Our resident gecko
I've finally had a chance to look through the last of our pictures from visiting family in Hawai'i.  How appropriate that most of them were taken at the day's end as our vacation drew to a close.

My niece's cute feet
Makaha beach at dusk.

Makaha.  Right down the hill from my childhood home.

I think people had been collecting and eating these wana (sea urchins)...or else maybe the seals were.  There were pieces of them everywhere underwater.  My in laws saw a Hawaiian Monk seal on this beach.   

My wonderful parents in law. 
Angel's trumpet.  Toxic and hallucinogenic, but very lovely.

Did you know that this is what a banana flower (heart) looks like?
Banana heart.  Gigantic!
Beach naupaka.  My favorite beachside flower.
Hawaiian ti leaf sandals.  Maybe I should make some.  
A guest at my 16th high school reunion.   
Banyan in Kapi'olani park.  We had our reunion picnic beneath it.
Powder blue and royal blue: these colors bring flashbacks to my 6-12th grade years of wearing the exact same color of uniform.  
Tired after a long day in Waikiki
Sunset in from the airplane.

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