Saturday, September 22, 2012

The kick-the-bucket list

It took making a bucket list for me to even understand what one was.  In social studies class, my 8th grader was assigned the tast of creating a list of 20 things to do before she "goes."  She sat in my room as I edited pictures and together we made our bucket lists.  I didn't know what the term meant, so I was reluctant to use it.

It took a Google search for me to learn that the term kick the bucket, which most of us knows means to die, is the origin of the word bucket in this beloved list.  I am still a little leery of the term.  From what I'm reading, it can refer to a person being executed or committing suicide.  Sheesh.

I am still going to call it the Kick the Bucket List, but for a happier sounding reason: maybe it refers to a goat kicking over the milk bucket after it's milked.  I guess it would be nice to be able to be so extravagant as to kick over the bucket when my time is done, just as our dairy goat does when we've milked her a little too long.  To be so confident that I've done all I was here to do is just my desire.  I guess this list is pretty self centered.  None of the goals are really family oriented.  In the midst of trusting God with my family and everyday life, these are the things I think it would be a blast to get to do along the way.  Also, if I don't check them off, there's always Heaven.

My Kick the Bucket List

Go fishing in the ocean (not off a dock).
Snowboard or ski.
Learn how to use a lathe.
Go backpacking in the Cascades or Olympics.
Finish my college degree.
Use a chain saw.
Shoot with a full frame camera.
Have a greenhouse.
Grow and spin flax.
Dye something with indigo and something else with cochineal.
Sail somewhere on a sailboat.
Go to Yosemite, the Redwoods, Yellowstone, Glacier National Park.
Visit family in Indiana.
Learn how to surf.
Go to Ethiopia.
Study botany in a classroom setting.
Keep bees.
Have a beef cow.
Visit Japan.
Own and milk a large dairy goat.
Own and shear sheep.
Learn how to weave with a backstrap loom and a table loom.
Go to American Samoa.
Run again...regularly.
Learn how to use Photoshop proficiently.
Make cheese.
Grow eggplant.
Go to Peru.
Knit a pair of socks.
Grow a field of something.
Grow enough produce to sell.
Weave a basket with cedar bark or other Pacific Northwest materials.
Tan a hide.
Try to grow the majority of our own food.
Make moccasins.
Be debt free.
Go to Moloka'i.
Make a straw hat.
Go kayaking somewhere.
Have a root cellar.
Hay a field.
Use a pressure canner.
Fire something really big in a kiln.
Make soap.
Make a successful pinhole camera.
Blow glass.

I know, it's a weird list, but it's mine, and I'm sure it will change as I age.  What's on your kick-the-bucket list?


  1. OK, Angie, I can help you out a bit. You can borrow my pressure cooker if you want, and you can go to the Schack Art Center in Everett to blow glass. (Look them up on line for a rather extensive list of things you can do there.) Maybe you and Tom could make cheese together -- he made a cheese press so he could make his own cheese (before we learned that most the boys and I should avoid dairy!). Other than that, I'm not sure how I can help, except to wish along with you that one day you can do many of those things. And, as you say, there's always Heaven to feast on the longings of our hearts that He's reserving for us there!

  2. Angie! I made a Bucket List on my blog too! See my post from April 28th, 2011. Mine isn't quite as long as yours, though I am sure there will be much more to add!


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