Thursday, September 13, 2012

United States of Kohlrabi

Today, we harvested the most massive kohlrabi we've ever grown.  I told Saraiah to hold it up like it's lady Liberty's torch and took a picture with my cell phone.  She got into the game of dress up and went to fetch a sheet.  I think she suits the part quite well.  She's a great emblem of the United States of Kohlrabi!  Tee hee.

These times are overwhelming.  I wish I could make a poi dog candidate who was the perfect combination of all the characteristics I'm really looking for in the leader of our nation.  Really, all I want is someone who will actually govern by their convictions, who listens to what the majority of people need and acts on it, who doesn't believe that choosing to end life is our job, who isn't impressed with war and takes every measure to prevent and get out of it, who is not driven entirely by oil, pharmaceutical, industry, big ag and banks, who cares about the quality of air we breathe and the earth we grow our food in, and who knows that supporting health instead of bandaging illness is the clearest way to reverse our national health care crisis.  I would also like a leader who does indeed humble him or herself and submits to the authority of God, embraces friendship with Him and doesn't use Him as a political position to take.  
Because I don't know of such an all encompassing candidate, this November I will vote for the person I know comes closest.  And for now, I declare my household the United States of Kohlrabi.  One nation, under God, indivisible, growing insanely large and also delicious vegetables.  One nation, caring enough to learn how to do things ourselves when we don't like how big business does it.  One nation, sticking to what we believe, but not trampling and belittling those who don't.  One nation, caring for our neighbors in need and speaking for children not yet able to.  One nation, supporting businesses that care about quality, healthful products, services and foods.  One nation, concerned about the health of our children and ourselves, doing what we can to live productive, gentle and vibrant lives, worthy of the beautiful world we live in, thankful for the God who made it all, and making the world a better place, one giant kohlrabi at a time.

Levi is Lord Liberty, as Maia so cleverly said later...well, she was mumbling "Lord of Liberty," so she might have been talking about God.  I'm not sure.
Mini liberty


  1. Hear, hear, Angie! I'll vote with you! Now tell me what to say in the write-in blank so that they know we're voting for the same thing.
    In truth, you've articulated so well what is really important in life and good leadership. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Best post EVER!!!!! And I LOVE the pictures!!


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