Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A goat of a different color

4H Fairs aren't all serious people standing in black and white with various farm animals.  Outside of show time, there are some pretty hilarious antics .  Because our club is a fiber goat club, it seemed totally natural to dye a goat at the end of the fair.  Our 4H leader got some Kool-Aid, Jello and vinegar and the kids made Ebony the goat into a rainbow goat!  She wasn't hurt in any way and in fact seemed to enjoy the weird taste on her lips.

Eva showed both goats and alpacas this year and was nonstop busy the whole time.  It's a great experience that has built her character, sportsmanship, patience, self confidence and knowledge.  Isaac joined in a bit as well showing a goat, and seems determined to show an alpaca next year.  I'm thankful for the investment of time and caring that her leaders have put into her and the club.

A perk of fairs is the premium money that comes just when the kids forget it's coming.  It actually reminded me that I wanted to share these pictures from way back in the good old days of August.  Premiums help kids to pay for supplies or breeding for their project animals for coming year and pads the kids' savings accounts as well.  It's good for them to see good fruits for all the hard work they do and they come away from fairs closer than ever to their friends and resolved to do it again the next year.

Isaac did a wonderful job.

A stubborn alpaca in obstacle course.

After fair with the little girls.

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