Saturday, October 27, 2012

Anna's Family at Kayak Point

It's always fun to photograph babies.  On this particular day, there were three different photo shoots going on at Kayak point, but I'm pretty sure this was the only newborn shoot.  Anna's son, Carter, was about a month old in these pictures, so he was a very alert little guy.  I can see bits of each of his parents in him and begin to picture what he'll look like as a toddler running across this beach in a year's time. His parents are lovely people who are very relaxed and easy going.  It's easy to see he's been born into a wonderful little family.  I look forward to seeing you grow, baby Carter!


  1. Such a beautiful family. The photos of them are just lovely!

  2. What beautiful pic of my kids. Truly touched my heart....

  3. Thats my perfect baby...oh ya and my Greg and Anna are pretty darn good looking too! Beautiful pics of a beautiful family!


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