Monday, October 29, 2012

Crazy Costuming

I'm not a halloween person.  I think my friend summed it up right when she said that it was hard for her to get excited about halloween when there's dress-up everyday in her house.  But I love the idea of it anyway: the dressing up for no apparent reason just as the drizzle season is setting in, then asking strangers for candy and going home and binging on it so no begging is possible later.  

I think what I don't love is the necessity to buy or make a costume, so inevitably, I buy about one thing and the kids have to make it work for all of them, borrowing things from friends or grandparents or our massive stash of dress up clothing.  This year, I bought the glitter spray for hair.  It seemed a little empty, but I thought it was the way things were going in this industrial world of ours, and figured it would cover them for one day.

Saraiah and Maia donned their capes borrowed from a friend (they were a snow queen and red riding hood) and their friend wore flowery clothes and was a flower princess.  The crowning glory would be the glitter spray.  With great flourish, I brought out the bathroom towel, draped it around one of the girls in the freezing cold outside.  I opened the glitter spray...and nothing!  So we did surgery on the tiny little can of spray, then my husband broke it to me that because there was clearly glitter spray all around the nozzle, someone had used it.

Can you imagine the scene?  Three teenagers walk into the grocery and see these awesome cans and dare each other to try it.  They cover all three of their heads with glitter, stinking slightly of the strange chemicals, buy a couple of sodas and walk out the door.  And all at the cost of my poor, neglected children with a terrible costume maker of a mom.  Sheesh.

So we all ran into town for the local Saturday before Halloween trick or treating and stopped at the grocery on the way.  The incredulous employee couldn't imagine people actually using the spray in the store, but I can.  She believed me enough to let me replace my can, and the children were happily glittery.  Grandma came through and painted Levi and his friend up as a vampire and zombie, respectively.  It's the first year I've let anyone in my family be something scary.  I think it might have something to do with my brothers and my sister in law and their zombie costumes they wore that day.  They've worn me down.  It's good that someone gets all into dressing up.  It makes for fun pictures, and that's the best part!

My brother, the zombie, stares at his fellow monsters.

Zombies being scary at the loading dock

Maia didn't mind Auntie Chastity's make up.  She knew it was the same auntie she loves so much.
That evening, they went as prom dates to a party.  

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