Friday, October 19, 2012


Glorious:  this was the theme of this week's photo challenge.  I spent several days attempting to portray the beauty that is the light of fall in the Pacific Northwest.  The rains have only just begun, and there is still color and the newness of the season in everyone's eyes.  It is glorious.  There are a million beautiful things about the world around me in this season, but it is the simplest ones that I know will remain in my memory.

We had just completed our work for the day.  It was a Tuesday, and I was to bring snacks to our homeschool co-op the next day.  The weather had cleared a bit, so I asked the kids if they wanted to help me harvest some carrots to share.  Saraiah had already headed outside to shoo the goats out of the garden.  They seem to think that the kale and beet greens are much yummier than the 3 acres of pasture and brambles they're allowed to ramble around in.  I was gathering whatever I needed to go outside, when I turned from my desk to see the scene I share above.  Maia was sitting by the front door, putting on her sandals.  A large bowl was sitting next to her, ready to hold many carrots.  It was ordinary and sweet, but then the clouds parted and the sun shone brightly through our windows as if my home had become a little cathedral.  And in a way it had.  I thanked God for that beautiful moment, grabbed my camera to try to convey a bit of it, then headed outdoors.

The image is not perfect.  I am learning to edit so that there is detail and sharpness in blacks.  I almost didn't think I should share this because it's not exactly what I saw that day.  But why not?  Isn't the glory of each day in its imperfection: in the way God makes lovely the simplest parts of our day?  He showed me that day that I don't need to be able to travel to cathedrals to be close to Him.  He is there in the plain and clumsy times, shining brilliantly and making even the dirt on the floor sparkle in His presence.

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