Saturday, October 20, 2012

Margy's Growing Family

I love getting to photograph the same family over the course of time.  Margy's kids have grown up a bit over the last 2 photo shoots I have done with them.  Baby Annie's pictures were the first newborn photos I had ever done.  The newborn pictures of her with her mom were precious and some of the pictures we caught this time remind me of them.  And the pictures of them as a family while Annie was still growing in her mommy's tummy remind me of how I've changed as a photographer.  Thanks Margy, for letting me grow with your family.  It has been a pleasure.  


making baby giggle...

My son Isaac took this and the next image of a flower and of the daddy kissing baby on the forehead.  All I did was crop and edit.  Good job, Isaac!

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