Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Ever the procrastinating family, we got out the pumpkin carving things tonight and sawed away at our pumpkins.  Isaac did a great jack o lantern face, complete with carved and shaped teeth.  Maia saw my spirals and wanted them.   Saraiah made "one of those things like they have hanging in hotels" (a chandelier), Levi cut 4 different trace-able patterns and I tried to make a cloud blowing wind.  I succeeded at the wind part.  3 of the 5 pumpkins carved were ones we grew ourselves.  The goats escaped their pen and were discovered munching on the others.  We bought a few extra pumpkins with my brothers and sisters in law and had a goofy time.  Levi was a little distraught to realized every pumpkin we had was carved, eaten or rotted through.  He loves homemade pumpkin pie, so I am sure we will need to find a few more pumpkins.  

And at the pumpkin patch....

My brother, his wife and their "little pumpkin"


 Back at the house, trying to get a shot in the mirror.  

Charley Dog
Chastity's cameras

Instax pic of all the girls

We all did some needle felting at my house too.  This is a needle felted sheep and dog, by my brother and sis in law.  Talented family!
Needle felted Homer Simpson, by my brother.
Yep, that's me.  Happy Halloween!  Soon it'll be thanksgiving!


  1. Awesome pumpkins. I love the picture of all the family in the mirror's reflection. So fun!


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