Sunday, December 23, 2012

The best tree yet!

We did our annual Christmas tree chopping ritual in late November this year.  I'm pretty sure it was one of the last clear days we have had since then.  It's been wet and pretty dreary all of December, but on that day, the rain drops were fresh on the grass, mushrooms were out and the sky was blue.  We were able to get a family Christmas picture in which no one was making a grimace.  Everyone was very glad with the tree we found and the warm hot chocolate we later enjoyed.  As we decorated the tree that evening, we declared it the best one yet.  

Taken by my wonderful sister in law, Emma in our pasture.  We didn't expect sun and shadows on this day!  The story to this is pretty funny. We couldn't get this picture taken until we made the alpaca cush.  She kept trying to jump on my brother, who was behind the camera.  This of course was very distracting.
Another sweet picture of the family taken near our creek by my sister in la,  Emma.  It was hard to choose!  Levi was having a hard time being cheerful, so we hoped for another picture.

Cousins at the tree farm.

My niece!

Jeanette and Isaac. She's been my friend for something like 23 years.  That makes me feel very old.
Loooooveee the cousin!!!

This is the picture we finally chose for our Christmas card.  My brother took it right when we were about to cut our tree.

Story of my life:  2 little girls always by my side = happiness.
Thumbs up!
Returning the saws and heading home.  

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