Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow Drill!

Detail of one of our snowflakes
This week of snowy weather has been a test of sorts for all of us in the Pacific Northwest.  Just as a fire drill tests a school's readiness in case of fire, our inconvenient, but not catastrophic winter weather is testing us.  Did you have enough food on hand for the week?  We did, but I think it was in part because we did have a little warning.  A friend of mine was very wise and said that we should check what we got low on or ran out of and make a mental note of it.  We ran low on flour, oil and coffee.  I usually have a large 2 month stock of these, but our funds had been low, and we had not stocked up.  What do you need to stock up on?

Our power stayed on for the whole time, but today, on day 2 of the thaw, it conveniently went out just as I had finished making my coffee.  Snow drill!  I think it was out for only an hour or two, but boy did it hit home how unprepared we are.  We don't have a generator or an off grid source of heat.  I've wanted to get both of these, but they have not been a family priority.  We do, however, have many neighbors who have both of these, especially my in laws.  I think until we can save up for those big ticket items, we will be sure to keep gasoline on hand so that we can always contribute if we need to use another person's generator.  What can you do to be sure your home is prepared?

Another friend who has been without power for 5 days called and wondered if her family might take showers at our house.  I thought about our water supply.  We have no way of pumping water from our well when the power goes out, and our water tank is only standard size.  We have gallon jugs of water in our garage, so in a dire emergency, we would have had some water supply.  We also have 2 creeks that run through our property with water that is probably not potable.  I think I'll need to learn how to safely use available water sources in an emergency.  In this weather, I'm sure would have been plenty, but other emergency situations might not be so kind.  How will you provide water for your family in a pinch?

It's uncomfortable to think about emergency situations, but they don't have to be as much of an emergency if we're prepared.  It's encouraging to find out what we were ready for, and important to remember what caught us off guard.  Let's be ready!

And now,  because you were so patient and read my motherly advice, here are some lovely pictures from our (hopefully) last day of being snowed in.  There are photos of art inside and out.

Nearly every day my girls paint.  Today was no exception.  
another snowflake close up
I want to always remember how small she really was at 3, how she barely could reach over the table.  

One of Saraiah's paintings today.
One second exposure of the raging creek today.  No more icicles here!

Sunset and fog
Sunset reflection