Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Slaying the Dragon

Following the banner of the crusaders, the kids set out to find the dragon!

For the culminating event of the 3 day French camp that our school hosted, the kids went on a crusade to slay a dragon.  They had made shields, swords and even quite authentic knight helmets.  Here are some pictures of the slaying of the dragon.  I'm so grateful that my kids were able to be a part of this sort of hands-on learning.

These 3 sisters are prepared for battle.
Oh dear, the ranks are turning on one another!

Levi was crowned "Le Roi" (the king) at the previous night's banquet.  This is because he ate the piece of cake that had a goodie hidden in it.  
This little girl was "la reine", or the queen

They have found el dragon!

Fearless french teacher lifts a knight to slay the dragon.  Maybe she was a page.

Some of the spoils of the crusade

le roi has removed his crown to slay the dragon
removing the crown
Madame Bass, French teacher extraordinaire has been promoted, I see!  And yes, that is a dad in the background wearing a duct tape knight costume!  The kids were beyond impressed!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Le Camp Francais, day 2

Our local co-op school had a french immersion camp at a nearby retreat center.  I was the designated photographer.  The theme was medieval knights and castles.  These are my favorite pictures from the second day!

They made chess and checkers sets

They made castles

Camp T-Shirts

one kid is worn out enough to sleep in the field during games!

The maples were flowering

pretending she's blind

big and little brother

maia thinks she's in vaudeville
singing "foux du fa fa" I think

Au Revoir!

Katie the horse and other joys

My friend's daughter was showing her horse at a stables right near my house, so the girls and I walked on over and said hello.  We looked at some flowers along the way, watched some of the show, then the girls got to hold my friend's mini horse.  It's a nice way to have spent a rainy afternoon