Saturday, June 30, 2012

Angel's wings

Did you see these beautiful clouds a few nights ago?  I did, when I went out to milk the goat and feed the chickens.  By the time I got done with chores and came back with my camera, the light had changed and they weren't quite so pretty.  But wow!  Don't they look like feathers or wings?  Someone said that this sort of cloud is sometimes called "Angel's wing."  They do look rather heavenly.  To me, it's  like God decided He was going to get a little painterly and took a giant paint brush and swept it across the sky!

Terrific Tillamook!

Tillamook Air Museum

While on the Oregon coast, we took a trip to the town of Tillamook.  It's famous in this area for its cheese, so we had to visit the factory.  We visited their pioneer museum seeing countless stuffed and preserved animals and lots of old fashioned household and farm equipment.  Then we went to the Air Museum.  It's housed in an old blimp hangar and showcases many old war planes and vehicles.  Did you know that our military used blimps during World War II for scouting, antisubmarine patrols and photographic reconaissance?  This place in Tillamook was one of their bases.  
The cheese factory was interesting.  We watched how our favorite cheddar cheese is sliced, weighed and packaged by an assembly line of people and machines working together.  
A display of eggs at the Pioneer muesum.

Tillamook Cheese Factory

The kids got free ice cream at the cheese factory.  They make ice cream too, which I had forgotten.

Air museum roof.  This hangar is enormous

ceiling of the hangar

outside the hangar

Inside the guppy, a blimpy looking cargo plane used for hauling equipment.

The outside of the hangar

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beautiful Astoria

The Astoria bridge
We had a great time being total tourists on our first day at the Oregon coast.  We spent the day touring various educational places in Astoria, like the Maritime Museum, riding the trolley, climbing the Astoria Column, visiting the Flavel House and touring the Film Museum.

Old pilings on the Astoria waterfront
Side of the Lightship, a ship that was used by the coast guard as a lighthouse

It got very wet and cold.  Maia used my coat.

Inside the Maritime museum.  This was the diving suit for the men who located snags (drifted logs) underwater in the mouth of the river so that they could be hauled out, preventing boating accidents.

This is levi, wearing blackout glasses and ovenmitts, simulating the difficult circumstances the snag divers had to deal with while working.  He is trying to tie a knot.  He never could do it.

how can you see this scene and not take a picture?

There's something in my line of sight!

COOLEST peeling old paint ever on the ancient railroad cars we were passing in the trolley.  Total background material for some sort of awesome photo shoot for a high schoolers' portraits.

The sign at the end says that spitting in this car is unlawful and punishable by a fine--City Health Officer.

enjoying the view out of the trolley

The Astoria column tells the history of  the area in words and pictures
my silly goose
the view up the spiral steps inside the column.  They are 8-10 inches from the wall, which was a little unnerving to me

The view straight down from the top of the column

the mouth of the Columbia

inside the column
Mirror mirror in the Flavel house.  This house belonged to Captain George Flavel, a river bar pilot.  It was built as his retirement home in the 1880s.
I want to go to tea with them

bathroom tub!

garden outside

fake scream